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Exercise area: Compliance and Regulatory Law Inspection and Trust Management Act Medical Compliance Management Act I have been a lawyer in Florida for more than 17 years and would like to discuss legal needs at your convenience. The first consultation is free, so please tell me what time is best! Thank you. Tom Asbury * (813) Please feel free to email 468-0609 at any time to adjust your schedule. Thanks again.

Established in 2014


With a strong record of law, Asbury has established a position as an excellent and highly acclaimed company, real estate project, attorney at law, and person in charge of litigation. With more than 15 years of legal experience, Asbury has the experience and knowledge required to meet legal needs. TF Asbury and PA are ready to handle all matters related to corporate law, business law, contracts, integration, testamentary trust, real estate planning, inspection and management, regardless of legal needs. Dell's interest in detail is very high and we are proud of our outstanding client support and satisfaction. Asbury graduated from the Ivy League and is published as a jurist. Take advantage of his expertise!

Asbury is a Ivy League graduate and a published jurist. He received a doctorate of Julis from Florida Coast Law School, worked as an instructor at the National Business Institute, worked as an NPO member, joined the Wharton Pen Aluminum Organization, and belonged to the United States District Court in Barr, Florida and the Central District. asbury is an experienced attorney at law (Fortune 500 company, WellCare Health Plans's Government Prosecutor and Compliance Advisor), who earns more than $12.7 billion (2014) income and $4.1 million (49) membership in Medicaid Medicare. While serving as a State Medical Prosecutor for  AHCA, I also have an important experience in administrative law.

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